Suspect kills himself: Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was a thorn in the Kremlin’s side. Since he was shot in the back on a Moscow street, police have concentrated on men from a region that is another Kremlin eyesore — Chechnya. One Chechnyan suspect blew himself up with a grenade this weekend, when police tried to arrest him. Nemtsov’s allies think the arrests are bogus and say Nemtsov was one of many Kremlin critics Putin has done away with roughly.


Blood brothers: Boko Haram has reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS, but aside from being equally unscrupulous killers, what does this mean for the two groups? Now might be an opportune time for Boko Haram to scream for ISIS’ help, because Nigeria and two neighboring countries are thumping them with a big offensive. But ISIS would likely have a hard time getting weapons and fighters into BH’s remote northern Nigerian location to bolster their fellow Islamist extremists.


Diplomatic ruffles: Enough with officer involved shootings in the U.S., says…Mexico. In the past month, police have shot dead three Mexican nationals, and Mexico is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to step in with investigations. Police shot a migrant worker in Washington 17 times; a father of four was shot during a traffic stop in Texas, and in California, police killed a man during a robbery investigation.

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