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It is the classic image of the child waiting for the parent that never comes, which perfectly captures the painful

reality of Kirk Franklin’s childhood.

In his latest blog post, the gospel singer, who was abandoned by his mother as a child, revealed what he calls “one

of my most painful memories as a kid.”

After being adopted by a 64-year-old widow named Gertrude—his mother’s great aunt—one day, young Kirk

received word that his mom was going to take him and his half-sister to the state fair.

Though his mother had not done right by him, innocent and resilient, he was still excited about spending time

with the woman he deeply loved.

In the entry titled “Keep Looking Up – God Will Not Disappoint You!,” Franklin wrote, “The memories of my

real mother were of a distant aunt or female relative who would stop by five to six times a year. My sister and I

both felt this abandonment, me being adopted and her living several places as a little girl.”

And yet, the multiple Grammy Award-winner noted, “It’s really amazing how forgiving young kids can be.”

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