Officer fired: Officer Michael Slager is now out of a job, the latest fallout from Saturday’s shooting that left an unarmed man dead. Slager, formerly of the North Charleston police department, was fired yesterday, one day after he was charged with murder in the death of Walter Scott. Slager was charged after a video surfaced which appears to show Slager shoot at Scott eight times as Scott runs way. The man who recorded the video, Feidin Santana, spoke to the media for the first time yesterday.


Life or death?: Now that the guilty verdicts are in, the jury turns its attention to whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be put to death or spend the rest of his life in prison for bombing the Boston Marathon almost two years ago. Tsarnaev was found guilty on all 30 counts yesterday; 17 of which could send him to death row. The trial will resume, possibly as early as next week, and the penalty phase will begin. Jurors will hear evidence of what makes Tsarnaev’s crimes so heinous he should be executed. The defense will try to soften his actions by painting him in a more sympathetic light.


Tornadoes: Tornadoes ripped through Kansas last night, and a possible tornado may have touched down in a small Missouri town. Spotters reported a tornado near Goddard, Kansas. That storm just missed the city, but posed potential severe weather risks to other communities through the night. In Missouri, there were reports of wind damage and flooding in Potosi, about 70 miles from St. Louis. Aerial footage also showed damage to roofs and a street overtaken by water. More storms are expected today in the Midwest, Mississippi River Valley, Tennessee River Valley and near the southern Great Lakes.

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