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Compromise reached: Looks like Congress will get to review any potential Iran nuclear deal after all. Yesterday, a Senate committee unanimously approved a bill requiring President Obama to submit any final agreement with Iran to Congress, which will have up to 52 days to review. That includes an initial review period of 30 days, with 12 more days added automatically if Congress passes a bill and sends it to the President, and an additional 10 days of congressional review if Obama vetoes the legislation. In light of the bipartisan support for the compromise, the White House promptly dropped its veto threats and said the President would sign the bill if it passes.


Off terror list? President Obama recommended to Congress yesterday that Cuba be removed from the government’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. The recommendation — which was expected — comes after Obama’s historic meeting over the weekend with Cuban President Raul Castro, as the two countries try to re-establish diplomatic relations. There was some grumbling from the GOP about the recommendation, but one Republican senator said it’s “the right move to make” and he was glad Obama did it. Congress could pass a resolution to block Obama’s decision, although at this point it probably wouldn’t survive a presidential veto.


Suspect run over: Is it OK for the police to run over an armed man to keep the public safe? That’s the debate in Arizona, after video surfaced of a police officer using his car to intentionally run into a robbery-arson suspect armed with a rifle. The incident occurred in February in a town near Tucson. Police say the use of force was warranted because the man had already fired a shot into the air from the stolen rifle he was carrying and he was running towards a heavily populated area. The man’s lawyer said that’s nonsense. The video proves it was an “obvious excessive use of force,” she said, adding that it was a miracle her client wasn’t killed. The suspect — who faces 15 charges, including several felonies — has a court appearance next month. No charges have been brought against the officer.

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