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Ray Rice Press Conference

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The details surrounding Ray Rice’s infamous elevator incident against his wife Janay are finally being revealed by the couple.

In an interview with New York magazine, Janay opened up about what happened on Valentine’s Day as she revealed that Ray’s focus on his career put a strain on their relationship.

“It was definitely frustrating. It was hard knowing I wasn’t his first priority,” Janay said while adding that the situation continued to heighten once she gave birth to their daughter Rayven. At the time, Rayven kept Janay up at night from not getting much sleep.

“I felt I was doing everything by myself,” Janay said. “After a while, I resented that. I felt like a walking zombie. I told Ray he needed to change more diapers.”

Janay’s concerns apparently went unheard as Ray made more excuses to stay away from home, including booking charity engagements on his only day off.

“I get home, I’m spent. There’s no time to talk. ‘I got practice the next day,” Ray told the magazine, adding that communication suffered between he and Janay as things got worse.

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