Obviously, I have razzed AD: SECOND HELPINGS OF BIBLE quite a bit. But if there’s one thing that’s worth highlighting about show, it’s the diverse cast. Hollywood’s still churning out absurd whitewashed spectacles like Exodus: Gods and Men, and yet AD, a network television miniseries, managed to assemble a more interesting ensemble.

That’s because (after making their miniseries The Bible) producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey seem to have committed themselves to make a real effort to broaden their casting for the sequel. Their pick for Mary Magdalene: Chipo Chung. The Chinese-Zimbabwean actress has appeared on Doctor Who and Sherlock; she also popped up in Fortitude, a popular UK TV show set in the Arctic that’s destined to be the next prestige drama nobody’ll shut up about. But she’s also an activist, speaking out about diversity in the film business and serving as a trustee for S.A.F.E., which tackles issues like HIV education through theater.

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