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Wedding season is upon us, and you may want to book one  of the celebs below to officiate your wedding!

A growing number of celebrities, from actors to comedians, have been taking requests to perform wedding ceremonies as legally ordained ministers in the Universal Life Church.

Kris Jenner can make money and save your soul. A few of you savvy tv watchers saw this on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She writes on her blog that she knew becoming ordained would come in handy one day.

George Foreman is a born again Christian. In his book ‘God in My Corner,’ which talks about his faith journey before and after he found Christ.  In the book he details  his life-changing encounter with God that kickstarted his  desire to be ordained.  He details  how in his new life is devoted to ministry. The book and ends it with an altar call, inviting readers to meet him in heaven someday.

Lady Gaga completed a ministry course so she could officiate for  one her closest friends. She began her life as a devout Catholic. Her birth name is Stephanie.

Mark Consuelos became ordained as an act of friendship.  On October 3, 2008 he performed the marriage ceremony for Howard Stern and model/actress Beth Ostrosky at the Le Cirque restaurant in New York City. The two couples had grown close, which was why Stern asked Consuelos to perform the wedding ceremony. Consuelos agreed, and took it upon himself to seek ordination to make it an official ceremony for Stern and Ostrosky.


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