dusk view of downtown Cleveland Skyline

Source: Nivek Neslo / Getty

Tens of thousands packed Quicken Loans Arena to watch the Cavs beat the Bulls Thursday night and move onto the Eastern Conference Finals.

“Come on LeBron, Come on LeBron,” said John Fabave as he cheered on the Cavs. “Come on defense there you go.”

He wanted nothing more than to get past the Bulls. And he knows the Cavs need his support.

“We win this game we move onto round three, we move onto the Eastern championship,” said Fabave.

“Front row and courtside,” said Tony Manak about his seats. “We’re not even at home and we’re filling up The Q like this.”

“It’s really big,” said Cavs fan Erica Jefferies. “I feel like we really need to do something for the city of Cleveland and get a lot of positive energy for our city.”

The watch parties will continue next round when the Cavs travel to either Washington or Atlanta.


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