By Marcia Simmons

Hydration is about more than keeping thirst at bay—it has a serious effect on how you look and feel. Here are 10 problems you might be able to solve by drinking more water.

1. Bad mood

Scientists have found that mild dehydration is a mood killer. According to studies conducted by University of Connecticut and Tufts University researchers, a water loss of just one to two percent made test subjects more tense and anxious.

Fun fix: Let some bubbles lift your spirits.Sparkling water has the feel of a special, celebratory drink, but offers the same hydration benefits as still water.

2. Difficulty concentrating

Those same studies have also found that people who aren’t properly hydrated have a harder time concentrating. Some su

bjects who didn’t drink enough water suffered from confusion and memory difficulties.

Fun fix: Citrus fruits and peppermint have an invigorating scent, so add them to your sparkling water to energize your senses. Bonus: They taste great, to.

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