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After a five year hiatus, fans of Gospel singer Darwin Hobbs are left wondering, where is he now?

Well, that question will be answered Saturday, May 23rd at 10 pm EST. on OWN’S “Oprah: Where Are

They Now” special, where Hobbs will appear.

The Cincinnati native was first featured on “The Oprah Show” during the former daytime

juggernaut’s final season to share his sexual abuse survivor story. According to an official press

announcement, both he and his wife Traci will appear on the update show.

Among the topics of discussion are the Hobbs’ journey to wholeness following the aftermath of abuse,

their combined 250-pound post-surgery weight loss and their brand new baby girl, Bethany Lennox

Grace, born May 2014.

“Bethany’s presence is miraculous and a joy,” the couple shared.

The high profile appearance on OWN will reacquaint the public with Hobbs, who is set to release a new

summer single inspired by his daughter called, “God Has Remembered.”

Hobbs’ full album is slated for an early spring 2016 release.

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