Flashing Lights on Police Car

Source: Jacom Stephens / Getty

Would the wild, crosstown police chase that ended with a deadly barrage of gunfire and two deaths in November 2012 have happened if Cleveland police supervisors were doing their jobs?

That’s the question underlying what will be a second trial surrounding the incident.

Five supervisors face dereliction of duty charges for not calling off or trying to limit the chase.

Police rules limit chase participation to two vehicles. More than 60 police cars were involved.

Those charged are Sgt. Michael Donegan, Lt. Paul Wilson, Sgt. Patricia Coleman, Sgt. Randolph Dailey and Sgt. Jason Edens.

All refused to testify in the trial of Michael Brelo.

On Saturday, Judge John O’Donnell found Brelo not guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Judge O’Donnell is now set to hear the trial of the supervisors.

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