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(L to R) Linda Roark, Taketa Williams, Kelly Crews and Belinda Scott star in Lifetime’s all-new docu-series Preach, premiering Friday, June 5, at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

It seems reality television cameras are leaving no stone unturned now that they are delving into the world of prophecy with Lifetime network’s latest docu-series “Preach” which is filled with gun shooting, chest bumping, chair hopping prophetesses who believe God is being glorified through their gifts on the small screen.

Dr. Belinda Scott, a Cleveland Heights based prophetess, has received some hateful messages for her participation the Lifetime network docu-series but she and the three other women who will help others develop their own gifts of healing and prophesying on national television believe that God called them to the show for a divine purpose.

Scott has advised politicians and celebrities while blessing the wombs of barren women. Now that she has signed on to bring her gifts to the world on national television, the woman who refers to herself as a “master prophetess” says she has encountered some backlash.

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