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What happens when gospel lyrics and trap music collide? Erica Campbell was smart enough to find out with her latest single “I Luh God.”

Some might say that the sound is too “of this world.” Or that it is a glorious messaged “dumbed down” by the sound of the moment. And it is certainly tempting to dismiss “I Luh God,” the way more “serious” music lovers may find themselves being dismissive of 2 Chainz, but Erica Campbell’s song is going to cross some boundaries that gospel music arguably hasn’t crossed since, well, Mary Mary.

The music video balances out the shock the some may experience from hearing the song. In beautiful simplicity, Erica Campbell stands or sits in front of colorful backgrounds, sharing the joy of loving God with the enthusiastic people around her, including “I Luh God” producer LaShawn Daniels and her sister/the other half of Mary Mary, Tina Campbell.


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