Civil Rights Groups Hold Rally For Trayvon Martin, Address Racial Profiling

Source: Kevork Djansezian / Getty

It’s still tough. I do have other children, but any Father’s Day without all your kids is tough. I have a 2-year-old that’s filled a big void that was empty in my life. But of course, we can’t replace Trayvon. Just not having my shadow around on Father’s Day, it’s hard, but we get through. Tyler [Martin’s two-year-old son] has become my shadow. Their personalities are totally different but he reminds me a lot of Trayvon.

As a son, Trayvon was fun. We were very active in each other’s lives and we did a lot of things together. He did things that kids do. He loved skating and riding motorcycles. He was a real fun-loving kid. When you know a person and you know how that person was, the smile erases the hurt. They said Trayvon was a thug, they said Trayvon ran a fight club. None of it was true.

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