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Any performer looking to get an ego check can do it for just $2.75: Like Brandy did last week, they can board a New York City subway train and start showing off their art.

As you may recall, a video of Brandy singing her “heart out” on the No. 1 train in Manhattan went viral last week when she posted it for her fans. It’s since racked up over 2.1 million views. Brandy was amazing, but we suspect that wasn’t all that was behind those hits.

“I thought it was hilarious!” she said, explaining she’d made the video for her blog readers. “I thought my fans would get a kick out of me going on the subway, being spontaneous and nobody reacting to my singing.”

Even better, she reported that she did get a reaction from one rider — advice on how to make a career out of her pipes. “He told me to ‘go a little bit harder,'” she recalled. “‘Go bigger. … You have potential, you might make it, but you were not as over the top as you need to be.'”

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