‘Highly confident’: Plane debris found near a remote Indian Ocean island will be sent to France today for further analysis. Officials are increasingly confident the debris is from a Boeing 777, most likely Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Boeing investigators think the debris is a right wing flaperon from a 777. It’s unclear how or when the identification process will be completed and announced. Yesterday an assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies says someone in the cockpit deliberately caused the aircraft’s movement before it disappeared.

Trump on top: He keeps saying outrageous things, and he keeps rising to the top of the polls. In the latest one, from Quinnipiac University, Trump has a significant lead over his closet rivals. He tops the 17-person GOP field at 20%. He may be leading the pack, but Trump insists he’s going to keep doing things his way. Need evidence? He’s promised kids free rides on his private helicopter at next month’s Iowa State Fair, a must-attend event for presidential hopefuls. And remember, all eyes will be on The Donald when the first GOP debate kicks off next week.


No good deed: You see someone stranded on the side of the road, and you stop to help. It’s something lots of folks do. But that act of kindness cost two members of a Montana family their lives earlier this week, when the person they stopped to help shot them. The mother and father were killed; their adult daughter was shot as well, but she managed to escape. An 18-year-old man was arrested and has an appearance in federal court today. And what was the motive for such a senseless killing? The suspect told FBI agents he was “tired of waiting around” and the daughter had laughed at him.

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