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Ladies, when being pursued by a potential suitor pay close attention to his actions. Men who are serious about you will show certain characteristics when considering courting you for marriage. For example, let’s use the character Boaz from the book of Ruth. Boaz did 4 key things before taking Ruth to be his wife: 1.) He saw her, he found her working in his field. 2.) He asked about her and learned of her reputation. 3.) He made provision for her and protected her, allowing her to glean in his fields. 4.) He paid the price for her.- He purchased Elimilech’s land for her hand. Keep in mind Ruth did not have to give Boaz anything in return. He was satisfied with her being a virtuous woman. Ladies, you want to be sure that the man you are considering spending eternity with is not  just giving lip service but heavenly service. Your only job is to Be, Be like Christ. Actions always speak louder than words, be prayerful and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you.

That’s our tip of the day. Our goal is to Love Like Christ, for we know that Christ is the true example of Love and we want to be like Him.

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