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There is term now a days called “Sneak dissing.” Sneak dissing,  is when people on social media platforms diss another person by posting a subliminal message about them on their personal page without actually revealing who they may be speaking about. By doing this, the person relieves themselves of responsibility or  being accused of attacking a certain person.  There is also a similar action for those wanting to express their affection for someone on social media without actually calling the person by name. I call it,  “Sneak Pursuing”! This is especially common for women. We want to play coy and shy but really we want to say, “Here I am, I like you, come get me!”  Ladies, no pursuing allowed. I know you’ve said to yourself deep down inside, well I’m just going to text him to let him know I’m thinking about him..all day long. Don’t do it. Well I’m just going to post a message on instagram, he’ll never know I’m posting about him… No, don’t do it. You are the “Good Thing” the man ought to find. Get busy in your purpose and stop hunting the guy. He won’t appreciate you if he doesn’t have to work for you. That’s our tip of the day. Our goal is to Love Like Christ, for we know that Christ is the true example of Love and we want to be like Him.

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