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We have all see the movie ‘The Exorcist‘ and other horror movies that depict the expelling of the devil over the last few years.  Well, there is one man who has first hand experience with it and he sat down with a serious warning.

In an interview Monday for the Spanish daily El Mundo, Father Juan José Gallego, the exorcist for the archdiocese of Barcelona, Spain, said that casting out demons is “a very unpleasant job” and that at first he was “really scared” because of his close contact with Satan.

Sometimes during an exorcism, the devil will address him directly, by name, he said. When asked if the devil saw nationality or background  to attracting people to hell he replied:

People of all backgrounds who  have fallen because of extreme selfishness are there.

The reporter followed up by asking what he thought of his job and the journey  and Father Juan replied:

This is a very unpleasant job . At first I was really scared . He kept looking back and saw demons everywhere …

According to the exorcist, the devil speaks all languages and his favorite sin is pride. He affirmed  the greatest victory of the devil is “making people believe he doesn’t exist.”

Recently, the New Book ‘The Three Heavens’  focused on the demonic acceptance of this theory in people. In our story, ‘New Fall Faith Dramas Poised To Scare Believers’ we specifically point out shows that make light of the supernatural and the existence of the devil.

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