Kim Burrell is, undoubtedly, one of the most gifted vocalists of our time. Her critically-acclaimed albums consistently leave fans wanting more, but Burrell seems content to offer it when she’s good and ready. Thank God, she’s ready, as she finally delivers her newest project, A Different Place. A worthy follow-up to her last release– the playful, conceptual Love Album– this collection features Kim Burrell squarely in her tried-and-true element.

The 11-track A Different Place incorporates many of the same ingredients that most of Burrell’s fans fell in love with over a decade ago– intricate harmonies, background vocals laced with Burrell’s rich and distinctive tone, and production from the incomparable Asaph Ward, who produced Burrell’s breakout sophomore album, Everlasting Life. But embedded into the album’s rich melodies and inimitable vocal delivery is a foundation of life experiences that, as Burrell says in her liner notes, “must be told only through the power of music.”

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