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Manhunt ends, suspect dead: When police closed in on Shannon Lamb late last night, he he ran into the woods and took his own life, authorities said. Lamb was wanted in the death of Delta State University professor Ethan Schmidt and the shooting death of Amy Prentiss, who was found dead at a home in Gautier, a coastal city about 300 miles south of the university. Police have had little to say about the motive in the killings.


Taking a stand: Kim Davis is back at work, but she’s not issuing marriage licenses. Her deputies continue to do that, but now the licenses say “pursuant to federal court order.” One thing they don’t include is Davis’ name or Rowan County, Kentucky, where they’re being issued. Davis says she can’t endorse the licenses and at the same time remain true to her faith in opposing same-sex marriage.


Clean hands, but wasted: Elementary school kids are getting drunk on hand sanitizer. The number of cases is up nearly 400% in the last five years. More than 16,000 cases were reported last year. Apparently kids like the smell of it and want to give it a taste, There’s one big problem: hand sanitizer is up to 95% alcohol so it doesn’t take much to get kids drunk. Beer and wine top out at 12%. Health officials are suggesting hand sanitizer been kept out of the reach of children or nonalcohol-based products be used.

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