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Many of you guys know that my family and I have been going through crazy transitions with our kids growing up, going to college, entering high school and it all happening at once! You’ve heard from me so many times, I thought it would be cool for you to hear from my best friend, my homie, my partner, my wife! She is the glue to the family. And I know her words will make you smile like they do for me everyday. Mrs. Tammy Franklin!

by Tammy Franklin

The day had finally come… The day we would take our baby girl to College. All my friends kept asking me how I was doing. My answer was I’m actually doing pretty good, that I’d come to grips sometime ago that this is what we raise them to do. To some day leave and make their own mark on the world.

Everyone was so impressed with my answer and I honestly do believe it.

But inside I actually wondered myself exactly how I was doing.

You see with our oldest daughter (The girls are eight years apart) I began around her sophomore year in high school stealing away to my closet to have private moments to cry…. This literally happened over two years…. I thought maybe this go around my heart was more prepared, but I also wondered when was that moment going to happen… in fact I was somewhat scared of the moment…. You know that moment that it actually hits you that they are leaving.

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