Speak: Tonight’s the night. As the GOP presidential contenders get together for Round 2 of the debates, all eyes, of course, will be on Donald Trump. But there are other intriguing storylines to watch: Will Ben Carson, nipping at Trump’s heels in the polls, finally take the gloves off and go after The Donald? Will Jeb Bush, the former frontrunner, do enough to get back to the front of the pack or is he in danger of falling back permanently into the middle of the pack? And what will happen when Carly Fiorina — standing on the same stage with Trump — gets to address his comments about her looks?


Stumped: Police are convinced Shannon Lamb killed a Mississippi college professor and the woman Lamb lived with. But they still aren’t sure why. So authorities will spend today picking through Lamb’s background to find clues. They have a handwritten note from Lamb as well as a 911 call he placed, but so far those bits of information haven’t yielded any new insight into his actions.


Changed: For years some Facebook users have been clamoring for a “dislike” button, yet the social media giant has resisted — until now. Yesterday during a town hall Q&A, Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook is going to make such a button because it realized people wanted to “express empathy” on posts about bad news. Now, can we please get rid of “poke”?

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