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Cathy Hughes Corner

Source: Blogzworth / Radio One

Radio One founder Cathy Hughes tells Woman’s Day magazine that growing up, she knew all-too-well the pain and struggle of keeping food on the table.

“My three siblings and I grew up in Omaha’s projects; our father was in college and our mother was a housewife, so we didn’t have much money,” she told the mag. “We weren’t literally starving, but we never had enough to feel satisfied. I remember coming home from my job at 9 p.m. one night when I was 14 (I lied about my age to get hired). The dinner my mom had set aside for me had been eaten by my brothers. They’d left the napkin puffed up on top of the plate to cover their tracks. ”

Later, after Hughes gave birth to her son Alfred at 16, she worked tirelessly to ensure that she and her family would be provided for. But it wasn’t always easy, especially as she embarked on the journey to found her now-hugely successful company, Radio One, from the ground up.

There were times that were so tough, especially following a split from her husband, that for “18 months, [she] slept on the radio station floor and cooked soup on a hot plate.”

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