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It was early in the morning on Sunday. It was dark and it was raining…raining very hard. That wasn’t going to stop Clara Gantt from going to church.

Around 6 a.m., she left her daughter’s home near Blythewood for the trip to her home church, Three Rivers Baptist Church in Irmo.

Hidden by the darkness and blinding rain was a sheet floodwater crossing Wilson Road about two miles away near Lake Elizabeth.

As she enters the waters, her car starts to float. “I knew there was water out there, but I didn’t know that it was going to stall me and I did.” she said. She immediately realized she was in trouble. She tried to call 911. Nobody answered. She was finally able to get in touch with her family.

“By the time they got there, my car shifted and went backwards down into a field.”

“I said ‘dear Lord are you taking me home right now?’ Immediately I flipped over to my back and it was like he said ‘no, not right now.'”

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