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Source: Bennett Raglin/BET / Getty

While a number of celebrities are getting surgical enhancements, “Scream Queens” actress and singer Keke Palmer says her Christian faith is saving her from feeling pressure to go under the knife.

“This is my natural body. I mean, I work out and stuff like that but for me, enhancements — and no offense to anyone else — enhancements haven’t really been something I’ve been into,” the 22-year-old entertainer told XO Necole.

“Ultimately, for me, [it’s] a spiritual thing. I really don’t want to have any surgeries if I don’t have to. I don’t want anything foreign going into my temple unless I have to.”

While her decision to forego surgery may be unpopular in the entertainment industry, Palmer isn’t being judgemental of anyone else’s decision to do so.

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