Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting In New York

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Grilling: Hope Hillary Clinton is taking a day off today. She probably needs it after her marathon 11-hour get-together yesterday with the Select Committee on Benghazi. GOPers hit her hard; Democrats tried to defend her. The general consensus? Clinton kept her cool and didn’t do any damage to her 2016 presidential hopes. Did we get any closer to understanding what happened on September 11, 2012? That’s still up for debate.


Rescue: A big story that got lost yesterday in the Benghazi buzz was the U.S. raid on an ISIS prison in Iraq. The raid was a success — 70 hostages facing “imminent mass execution” were rescued — but a U.S. service member was killed. That’s the first American combat death in Iraq since November 2011. The decision to attack was made after surveillance revealed mass graves had been dug inside the compound. The hostages said they were going to be killed after morning prayers.


Closer: It’s official. Paul Ryan is running for Speaker of the House. And he’ll probably get the job, now that he has the support of most House Republicans, including the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Ryan pretty much finagled a truce between angry conservatives and GOP leadership desperate to show that it can govern. How long this political peace lasts is anyone’s guess

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