Celebrate: Yeah! Congress actually does something for a change. Congressional leaders and the White House reached a deal yesterday on domestic and defense spending that also raises the debt ceiling. The deal could be voted on today and is expected to pass. Everybody’s drinking champagne now, right? Not so fast. Conservative Republicans are furious because they think soon-to-be-outta-here House Speaker John Boehner gave away the store to the Democrats. So the hard-right GOP plans to vote against the measure. But it probably won’t matter, because there’s enough Democratic and moderate Republican support to pass it.


Trending: If you’re a school resource officer, seeing your confrontation with a student become the No. 1 trending item on Twitter is the very definition of a bad day. That’s what happened to Deputy Ben Fields, an officer at a high school in Columbia, South Carolina. A video circulated widely on social media yesterday showed him violently removing a female student from her desk. He’s now on administrative leave and won’t return to the school. As often is the case in these incidents, people are split (on social media, at least). Many expressed shock at the force used, while others noted the girl was not complying with the officer’s demands.


Connected: This has got to be a vegetarian plot, right? The World Health Organization released a report yesterday that said consumption of processed meats — ham, bacon, sausages; otherwise known as the good stuff — raises a person’s risk of having cancer. The WHO even said processed meat is as bad a carcinogen as smoking and asbestos. Say it ain’t so! Meat eaters despaired; vegetarians rejoiced. WHO experts stressed that the cancer risk from meats is small, but increases with the amount of consumption. On Twitter, a lot of meat eaters said they’ll take the chance. Got more questions on this? CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta will answer them today on Facebook.

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