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Kym Whitley is reflecting on how God has ordered her steps in life, delivering an inspirational story the only way she knows how—with humor, of course.

In a CBN news interview, the single mother who makes us laugh out loud while warming our hearts believes “divine order” is responsible for success in her life.

Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Whitley left for Tinseltown with $50 to her name, believing she could make it big in Hollywood.

Today, she has 40 films and 40 television appearances to her credit, but it took years. Still, Whitley says it wasn’t hard.

“Hard is relative. What’s hard? I look at the other people’s lives. Their lives, that might be hard,” she told CBN. “So what, I had to get on food stamps for a minute. So what, I had to do some jobs I wasn’t comfortable with. No, it wasn’t hard. I believe it is part of my journey.”

That journey led her to become a substitute teacher in Compton, known as the birthplace of Gangsta Rap.

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