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Royal comeback: Compared with Game 1, Game 2 was something of a letdown. The Mets and Royals only played nine innings; the power stayed on the entire time; there were no rare inside-the-park homers to cheer for. And it rained. Despite all that, it turned into a pretty decent baseball game anyway. The Royals came from behind to win 7-1 and take a 2-0 lead in the series, behind great pitching from Johnny Cueto. He pitched a complete game, giving up just two hits. (For you non-baseball fans out there, that’s pretty good.) Game 3 moves the action to the Big Apple on Friday, where the Mets will try to dig themselves out of a hole.


Political punch: Moderator: “What’s your plan to fix the economy?” Candidate: “I’m really tired of your nasty questions, and the mainstream media sucks.” And that’s pretty much how theRepublican debate on CNBC went last night. Who won is debatable, but it’s abundantly clear who was on the receiving end: the media and the moderators. The candidates and their campaigns complained bitterly — both during the debate and after — about the moderators’ questions, and they each took great care to throw the media under the bus at every available opportunity. CNBC was roasted on social media, with a Politico writer joking that the financial network needed help from some debate pros.


Deputy dismissed: Ben Fields was fired yesterday for slamming a student to the ground while arresting her at a South Carolina high school. But the deputy’s boss, while maintaining that Fields did wrong, said the student shouldered some of the blame for how things went down. So what’s next? Probably lawsuits. Fields’ attorney says the now-ex-deputy’s actions were “justified and lawful,” so you can imagine where he’s going with that. And the FBI and U.S. attorney’s office have opened civil rights investigations, so this won’t be the last we hear about this case.

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