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Dr. Juanita Bynum has had an interesting faith journey. She has been a mainstay staple on the Trinity Broadcasting Network for the last few years. In addition to her television ministry she has traveled the world being am inspiring preacher and teacher many revivals and conferences throughout the United States and abroad.

This past week  it was announced that Juanita would be elevated  to the position of Bishop, by Bishop Neil C. Ellis, presiding bishop of Global United Fellowship.  GUF is a Christian Fellowship that embraces Churches, Ministries, Fellowships, and Pastors who acknowledge, accept and submit to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

GUF professes they will not allow any name denomination, doctrine, tradition, socio-economic or Cultural composition, to separate or prevent us from experiencing the authentic fellowship of the Saints of the Living God.  Our mission is to foster biblical Unity among Christian Believers as one Body in Christ.

Their  focus is on empowering and the perfecting of the saints through biblical training, mentoring, discipling,personal and ministry development.  Furthermore, we will focus on the Cultivation of Spiritual gifts rather than on doctrines and theological positions. They firmly believe that there is more that “Unites Us” than that which “divides us”.

Juanita’ personal journey has not been without peaks and valleys. Juanita’s ministry began to flourish  in 1997, Bynum released her video and audiotape,  “No More Sheets” which is about her transformation from the her old sexual lifestyle.   In 1999, she again spoke about  “No More Sheets” to enlighten the people at T.D. Jakes’ Woman Thou  Art Loosed Conference.

Her marriage to Thomas Wesley Weeks, III , who she met at a Starbucks café, became a media circus.   They married in 2002.  They remarried grandiosely in 2003.  In Ebony magazine, Bynum said.”This was my once-in-a-lifetime wedding, and I did it this way because I plan to stay married.” Unfortunately, their union ended in divorce.  On August 22nd, 2007, Bynum claims she was assaulted by Weeks in an Atlanta parking lot to which Weeks pleaded guilty.  She later received criticism for using the incident as a marketing tool by proclaiming herself to be the “face of domestic violence.”

She has also had legal struggles. In April 2013, Bynum was arrested but not for a criminal case.  She was arrested because she’d failed to appear for a civil proceeding in court brought about by her failure to pay ALW Entertainment the sum of $140,000 which was required based on a judgment made in 2007.

Her new appointment as Bishop will be a blessing in her life.


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