School lockers

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A message threatening students in the Euclid School District was posted on social media late Sunday night. The message, like those phoned in last month to other Ohio school districts, threatened of violence.

Parents received a robocall early Monday and the district posted the following message on its website.


“Good evening families. This is Dr Smialek, Assistant Superintendent of the Euclid Schools. I apologize the late call, but wanted you to hear this information as soon as possible. This evening, we learned of a threat of gun violence toward all Euclid Schools. The threat was posted on Instagram and said “At 10:00, all Euclid schools and LEHS we’ll get shot up.” We have contacted the Euclid Police Department and they are investigating. We will call you tomorrow morning with an update. We appreciate the multiple parents and students who forwarded this information to school administrators. Student safety is our first priority and we appreciate your partnership in this endeavor. Again, we will call you tomorrow morning with an update after we learn more from the Euclid Police Department. Good night.”

Officials are are actively investigating the threat.


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