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National Geographic‘s forthcoming scripted miniseries, “Saints & Strangers,”will spark discussion about America’s history and revitalize interest in the country’s ‘founding’ by its first European settlers ahead of Thanksgiving Day. The mini-series will take a deep dive into the faith of the settlers and their quest for religious freedom.

The two-night special begins with the  1620 voyage of the pilgrims and adventurers to the new world on Nov. 22. “Saints & Strangers” retells the story of the 101 men, women and children, many of them Christians seeking religious freedom, who traveled aboard the Mayflower from England to America and their first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans.

“After 66 days at sea wrought with sickness and storms, we offer thanks for our deliverance to this shore, we ask for your mercy … for your guidance, we pray for your protection as we face unknown battles in this new world, amen,” he says.

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This follows behind their first  attempt of Faith programming with ‘Killing Jesus’  which was extremely successful and one of their highest rated shows ever.

“Saints & Strangers airs on National Geographic on Nov. 22-23.  Will you be tuning in?
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