Winter of discontent: Seems like the ouster of Mizzou president was the shot heard ’round campuses. Kick-out-the-prez fever has gripped New York’s Ithaca College where students want Tom Rochon gone. He’s trying to stave that off by creating a chief diversity officer gig. On tap for today? A #MillionStudentMarch. Organizers want to see students rally nationwide to demand free tuition, a $15 minimum wage and their student debts wiped clean.


The avengers: We watched in horror last year when ISIS rolled through the Iraqi town of Sinjar, slaughtering men and boys and selling the girls and women into slavery. Well, today, the Yazidis of Sinjar teamed up with their neighbors, the Kurds, and — backed by coalition air support — launched an offensive to reclaim their home. Sinjar is a big deal. It links Mosul – ISIS’ prized possession — with cities it holds in Syria. Win back Sinjar and you’ve divided the “caliphate” ISIS wants to establish across the region.


The force is strong with this one: The ‘deportation force,’ that is. Donald Trump says he’ll use it to kick 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the U.S. He says it’s all very fair and humane; they can even come back if they go about it the right way. His critics hope “deportation force” works out as well for Trump as “self deportation” did for Mitt Romney.

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