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We probably wouldn’t believe this story if we didn’t have the video receipts! With rapper Plies, the “P” is for provocative amongst other things. Known for his songs, “Shawty” featuring T-Pain and “Bust It Baby” featuring Ne-Yo, we’re patiently waiting for Mona Scott-Young to make Plies the star of Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin is currently promoting his new album, Lose My Religion and he just got a very interesting invitation.

“Y’all tell Kirk Franklin I say I wanna take him to King Of Diamonds…” Piles said on his Instagram page. FYI, King Of Diamonds is a popular strip club in Miami. (There are many references to the club in Drake lyrics, he’s made a lot of their dancers famous!)

“He can go in, he ain’t even gotta get no dancers, he can go right in and turn right back around and go take him a holy bath. Kirk, listen, you go to King Of Diamonds with me and I’ll go to church with you, an even swap.”

Well…Kirk wasn’t too busy to respond! “Next time I’m in Miami, you gotta come to a Baptist church with me and sit through a three hour church service with tambourines and a church cook out and then, I may walk by the club. I may walk [through] the parking lot [or] walk on the curb,” he said.

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