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The airing of “The Wiz Live!” Thursday, December 3rd 8/7c on NBC is truly a momentous occasion considering the fact that when the Broadway musical “The Wiz” was scheduled for a Broadway run, naysayers said it would be a flop. Not only was it a big success with Stephanie Mills as Dorothy, but it spawned the movie starring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

In an interview with Shanice Williams (Dorothy), at Grummun Studios in Bethage, New York, I asked her what was so magical about The Wiz that it has been so endeared over the decades? “When I went to LA and I found out I didn’t belong there,” she recalled, “just like Dorothy who wants to go to Omaha, she misses home. In the beginning, she’s struggling to find out who she is and where she belongs.

“I feel everyone has a little bit of that inside them, especially at my age, trying to figure out who I am. So we really connect.  [Also], it’s magical for me because this is my first thing ever. The sets, when I first saw them, I was crying. It’s a fantasy world. It’s beautiful and I’m so proud to be a part of all this. In this role I get to do everything so it’s been fun and magical.

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