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The city of Cleveland issued its first self-evaluation of progress in complying with a consent decree to reform the Cleveland Police Department.

The 16-page required assignment was delivered to Judge Solomon Oliver, who is overseeing the effort to make sure changes really happen.

Afterward, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson held a long, informal briefing with reporters to offer his thoughts on what’s been and needs to be done

He said he wants to make sure the consent decree results in more than just a model department that is more accountable, engaged and better trained.

He wants the required improvements, and others he will insist on, to result in a reduction in crime.

“We don’t live in Mayberry. We live in an urban center…We have to have the ability in this relationship to do what police do and that is deal with crime. We will be aggressive,” said Mayor Jackson.

The mayor said he believes officers are gradually accepting the changes being made and appreciate training that will make them better able to handle difficult situations and clearly define what behavior is allowed and appropriate.

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