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So you’ve got a big trip coming up for the holidays.

Suitcase packed? Check.

Kindle ready to escape the family drama?  Check.

Workouts planned??  Umm . . .

If this is you, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You work so hard to look your best for the holidays, but staying on track while you’re away from home can be an enormous challenge. But look no further, below are some simple tips to make sure your holiday travel plans don’t knock you completely off the health and fitness track!

1. Pack a gym

You can easily pack a resistance band in your suitcase and break it out during a long layover, or first thing in the morning (or afternoon) when you wake up. If you want to maintain your cardio endurance while you’re gone, you can also pack a jump rope. These items won’t weigh you or your luggage down, and they’ll help you keep the weight off from those one or three servings of spiked eggnog. (NO JUDGEMENT HERE!) Make sure you pack your tennis shoes. If you can’t squeeze them into your suitcase, tie them on the outside of your carry on.

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