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1. It’s slowly ruining your vision.

Using your smartphone, tablet or laptop for hours upon hours at a time can ruin your vision. It leads to eye strain, dryness, blurriness and a host of other problems. “It’s the combination of not blinking enough and bringing the device closer than you normally look at objects – it strains your eyes,” Andy Hepworth, an optician, said in a BBC article.

In a world where an app on a phone can connect you to someone more than 5,000 miles away, that same exact device can become addictive because the minute you set it down, you feel like you’re missing out. What’s a person in 2015 to do? It may sound simple, but take a break. Put your phone away, step away or look away from your computer periodically. Go for a walk or go out for coffee with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Anything’s better than staying glued to a 3 x 5″ screen all day if you ask me.

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