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A college professor is advising children to put out high-calorie foods instead of carrots for Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer on Christmas eve.

Responding to a question from his 4-year-old daughter, Dartmouth College anthropology professor Nathaniel Dominy wrote a paper that explains why Rudolph has a shiny red nose.

The professor explained that some reindeers have shiny red noses because their noses are highly vascular, meaning they have millions of tiny blood vessels that sit close to the surface on the skin of their noses.

The tiny blood vessels causes the reindeer to lose a lot of body heat through their skin. And since Rudolph is tasked with leading the other reindeer through the freezing snow to your house, “he’s probably losing a ton of heat through his nose,” said Professor Dominy.

The professor suggests you tell your children to forget the carrots and put out high-calorie foods (such as cookies or Patti Pies) for Rudolph to help him burn fat and calories to conserve heat.

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