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I find it rather sad that Curry would be criticized for advocating for modesty.

The wife of NBA superstar Stephen “Steph” Curry, Ayesha Curry is making headlines for her tweet that she likes to dress in a way that keeps “the good stuff covered up for the one who matters” (clearly she’s talking about her husband).

Some claimed that she seemed to be dressing for her husband rather than herself — a decidedly un-feminist motivation. She later tweeted that she would take “classy over trendy” when it comes to her personal fashion choices. It only took a short while before Twitter was buzzing with people chiming in against what they called Curry’s “slut-shaming.”

What did Curry say that was so wrong? When did classiness and modesty become “out of style?”

I find it quite ironic that those who slammed Curry for allegedly speaking negatively of those who dress provocatively would in turn criticize her for daring to dress more modestly. It is particularly ironic that Curry would be accused of defining herself by a man when it is abundantly clear that a large portion of the women who dress in skimpy, revealing clothing are dressing to attract male attention.

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