A 55-year-old woman is remembered by friends, family and her community after being accidentally shot and killed by Chicago police while celebrating Christmas with her family at her home in West Garfield Park.

Bettie Jones, a bakery worker, mother of five and grandmother, was killed early Saturday when police responded to a 911 call from a father who lived on the top floor of the same building about his 19-year-old son acting erratic and wielding an aluminum bat, police said. Quintonio LeGrier, and NIU student, was in the throes of a mental health crisis.

Police have acknowledged that Jones was shot accidentally. She was shot in the chest, according to autopsy results. However, families for both victims are demanding answers, questioning whether the shooting was warranted.

“Why do you have to shoot first and ask questions later? It’s ridiculous,” said Jaqueline Walker, Jones’ friend.

Jones’ family’s attorney questioned the officer’s training.

“Obviously something is wrong when a 55-year-old grandmother opens the door to let police in and she’s the one who end up dead,” said attorney Sam Adams, Jr.

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