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As you prepare to step into a new year, reflect on all the old hindrances that need to be left behind.

To help you do that, EEW Magazine is listing 10 things you need to leave in 2015 (in no particular order), to ensure that you’ll have the most blessed and prosperous 2016.

#1 Negative thoughts: Don’t step into 2016 with a pessimistic attitude, assuming that nothing will change or improve. Dismiss doubtful, fear-based and defeastist thoughts, and replace them with the word of God.

#2 Hurt: We all are treated unjustly at some point in our lives, but don’t curse your new year by bringing old offenses into it. Whoever has hurt you, let it go. Forgive, so your blessings won’t be blocked.

#3 Failures: Some of the things you were hoping to do and succeed at didn’t work out in 2015. You’re not alone! Everyone has at least one failure they can point to this year. But don’t drag the baggage of failure into the new year and taint your expectations for better and more positive outcomes.

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