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Are you too fascinated by, impressed with, focused on and attracted to shallow things?

The #Goals hash tag online is pretty popular these days. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the newest buzz word to express how someone else has, is, or is doing something you aspire to have, be, or do one day.

Usually, #Goals is used in connection with “body,” “squad,” “relationship,” “hair,” or any number of other things.

Here are a few examples.

A celebrity posts a bikini selfie showcasing their perfectly shaped figure. Underneath the image, someone writes, “OMG! Body #Goals.”

A couple poses for a picture looking happy and in love. A commenter says, “This is #Goals.”

Let’s say someone’s hair is “on fleek”—a complimentary phrase meaning on point, typically associated with well-shaped brows—and a fan sees it. They may say, “Yasss! Hair is so #Goals.”

It’s simply a modern spin on a compliment. And though there is nothing wrong with admiring someone else, our obsession with beauty, wealth and power—all things many celebrities seem to have—may have our #Goals in the wrong place.

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