Way Of The Cross Procession Crosses Over New York's Brooklyn Bridge

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Are you the person that looks for signs from the Lord to give you confirmation that you’ve met the “ONE?” Are you on your knee’s praying to God saying, “If we’re wearing the same color clothes today at church, I’ll take this as a sign that he/she is the ONE.” STOP IT! Stop looking for signs and wonders. How many times have you been wrong and how many times have you sworn that you’ve met the ONE. Why do you think you need a sign for confirmation about a dating situation, you have something much more powerful, you have The Holy Spirit. Count on your intimate and personal relationship with God to guide you through the decisions you make in your dating life. Scripture tell us in Luke 4:12 “Do not put the Lord your God to the test.” Relax and trust the process, stop trying to figure out if you’ve met the ONE and let it be revealed to you. You’ll enjoy dating so much more.

That is our tip of the day. Our goal is to Love Like Christ, for we know that Christ is the true example of Love and we want to be like Him. If you want more tips like this, visit our website weekly.



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