Rick Warren

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Despite the recent announcement that Rick Warren has joined an advisory board for Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, the Southern California megachurch pastor and best-selling author of The Purpose Driven Life says he’ll never endorse a political candidate—and he’s not endorsing Rubio.

The Christian Examiner reported on Thursday that Warren had joined a number of prominent evangelicals on a religious liberty advisory board for Rubio, but his action should not be taken as an endorsement, he says.

“It is public knowledge that I never have endorsed a political candidate and never intend to,” said Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, in an exclusive comment to the Christian Examiner. “It is not my job as a pastor to endorse candidates. But I do offer private counsel and perspective to any candidate who asks for it. I have done this with many candidates in the past. In this election cycle, I know most of the candidates on both sides who are running for president, and many have been friends for years, but they all know that I never endorse.”

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