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It is flu season now. Hence, parents need to know all about flu and do everything to prevent flu in children. Influenza, commonly called, the flu, is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract that sometimes spreads to the lower regions of the airway. The infection is contagious that spreads even through infected droplets generated by a cough or sneeze from an infected person and his/her oral secretions like saliva.

Parents often tend to mistake flu as just common cold. Thus, only a parental awareness about the symptoms of flu can effectively protect children from this viral infection. In children, the typical symptoms include persistent fever that lasts for more than three days with temperature shooting upto forty degrees Centigrade. Symptoms like Croup, Pneumonia, Aches and Vomiting are also frequent. In infants, the symptoms are not specific and hence, often treated as bacterial infections. Poor feeding and lethargy may indicate flu in infants. Thus, detection of flu symptoms is the most difficult problem for parents in such cases.

If your child has persistent high fever beyond a period of three days with typical respiratory infection symptoms like continuous thick nasal discharge or respiratory distress and exhibits lethargy it could be flu fever. Other indications include symptoms of dehydration. The child cries without tears, exhibits dry tongue/lips and urination is abnormally poor.

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