Halle Berry In Acapulco, Mexico For Closing Of 9th Annual Acapulco Film Festival

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

Halle Berry’s beauty is ageless. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel the pressure in Hollywood to go under the knife like her counterparts.

Berry opened up to Yahoo! Beauty about these struggles with aging. “It is pressure,” Berry said. “When you see everybody around you doing it, you have those moments when you think, ‘To stay alive in this business, do I need to do the same thing?’”

Nevertheless, she encourages women to look inside themselves for their beauty while they age. “We have to stop wanting to look like that decade before,” she said.

She added, “we have to stop coveting that. Let it go and embrace it now and really be okay. It’s easy to say, I guess, but that’s the goal.”

But there are some critics who believe the likes of Berry needs plastic surgery in Hollywood. “I won’t lie and tell you that those things don’t cross my mind, because somebody is always suggesting it to me,” she said.

She continued with, “’you know if you just did a little bit of this and that, lift this up, then this would be a little bit better.’ It’s almost like crack that people are trying to push on you. That’s what I feel like.”

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