Last week, my husband hosted a Stepmom Summit on his show, that was designed to explore many of the numerous issues stepmothers face when dealing with a blended family. I was a part of the panel along with rapper T.I’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Brenda Ockun. So many of the scenarios and questions the women in the audience presented, reflected situations I have lived through. I could tell by the numerous head nods in the audience, that many other women were relating to the dilemmas, as well. However, there was one particular question raised by a stepmother who was contending with children being taught by their mother to ridicule and ostracize her, specifically regarding her weight. The pain on her face reflected a mere glimpse of the deep seated anguish that I’m sure overwhelmed her heart.

Later on, I began thinking of how that microcosmic scenario represented an even bigger issue that seems to be resurfacing in society today, in numerous ways: dealing with children who are taught to hate, ostracize, and or ridicule. Essentially, dealing with opposition.

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee so the realities of prejudice and discrimination are no stranger to me. I’ve seen social temperaments ebb and flow during different decades, yet there seems to be from so many angles, a resurfacing of racism’s ugly head in a more prominent way now. America, being the melting pot that it is, in many ways it is a grand scale portrait of a blended family and interestingly enough, this nation struggles with many of the same issues. Equally similar, are some of the anecdotes for change and navigating through analogous waters. I’m not suggesting that I have all of the answers to this nation’s problems but experience has been a great teacher and so has the historical contributions of previous world changers.

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