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Iowa caucuses: Ted Cruz wins; Clinton, Sanders Tied:

One thing is clear after Monday night’s Iowa caucuses: there’s a long, volatile election season ahead before two deeply fractured parties can unite behind a nominee.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are leaving the Hawkeye State in a virtual tie — a vote that underscores the Democratic party’s debate over whether it should solidify behind President Barack Obama’s legacy or move forward with more radical health care and economic reforms.

Super Bling! 50 Years Of NFL Championship Rings:

The custom rings awarded to Super Bowl champions have become an iconic part of the lore surrounding the game.

Each ring is a portable trophy representing an experience that can never again be replicated.

Over the years, the rings have gone through just about every transaction imaginable.

Punxsutawney Phil: Friend Or Foe? A Groundhog Day Investigation:

For more than a century, groundhogs have been midwinter luminaries, scampering into the spotlight on February 2 to divine whether the second half of the season will be cold or mild.

The stocky mammals are celebrated as soothsayers that peer into the future when they emerge from their burrows, surveying the landscape for telltale shadows that signal Jack Frost’s plans for the next six weeks.

Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, is the birthplace of Groundhog Day and the home of Punxsutawney Phil, the Peyton Manning of prescient rodents. During a ceremony at sunrise, the waddling prophet is retrieved from his heated home inside a mock tree stump and hoisted heavenward by top-hatted helpers who interpret his gestures to make a prediction while thousands watch.

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